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Emily Lein, PharmD

Dr. Emily Lein serves as the clinical pharmacist in the office. She completed her pharmacy residency right here at Western Medicine where she fell in love with managing diabetes and serving patients. Dr. Lein received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree at The Ohio State University and then continued to receive her PharmD at OSU. Through her experiences in pharmacy school and residency experience, she fell in love with ambulatory care and transitions of care services. She chose to stay on at Western medicine to continue diabetes management as well as other chronic disease states including hypertension, asthma, and COPD. 

Dr. Lein’s family is from a Russian background and moved here in the early 90’s. She speaks Russian with her family, friends and hopes to continue speaking with patients. She met her fiancé at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where he is a Physical Therapist. They love exploring new cities, trying different cuisines and cooking at home. They love spending time with their family, friends, dog (Tucker) and cat (Milo). Dr. Lein enjoys meeting new people and taking cycling classes. In the coming years she hopes to travel to Athens, Greece and Florence, Italy.